I am a versatile person can adopt at managing multiple tasks and responsibilities, providing exceptional customer support and keen in prioritizing office operations for major productivity gains. I am a trained individual with a progressive experience working in administrative role. I have a track record of handling administrative and clerical functions with professionalism, tact and confidentiality. My expertise is on conducting and executing task within the time table and experience of using diplomacy and discretion while handling confidential information and situation alike among different cultures.
Work experience
  • Front Desk Executive Visionaire Technology Group / Arrive Systems
    2017 - 2019

    • Serve as first point of contact for potential and existing customers, visitors and on up to 49 employees, with facilitating activities that enable full functionality of the front office.
    • Organize strategic business and vacation travels, including visa processing, expenses record keeping/auditing, for various countries.
    • Arrange, coordinate and supervise facility management and vehicles maintenance and supply. Formulate daily and monthly attendance tracking among employees with allocated offices in 3 countries.
    • Support other departments ( HR & Accounts ) in compiling market research for entering new market and the process of hiring new employees, preparing reports for the required documents from the vendors.

  • Service Help Desk CoordinatorVisionaire Technology Group / Arrive Systems

    • Administer the life-cycle of all help desk tickets, for two companies, with overseeing and direct involvement in the process of resolving the complaints/completing the requests for more than 5000tickets.
    • Plan and support daily work activities for 3-5 employees, with focus on the priority of the tasks and highest utilization of all available resources.
    • Assist in enhancement of help desk software , warehouse stock records auditing and data entry; and product registration.

  • EMS Assistant TrainerVisionaire Technology Group / Mi.Bo EMS Company
    2019 - 2019

    • Deployed to India for 3 months as an assistant trainer responsible for product demonstration, educating and providing trial sessions for the clients.
    • Actively collaborate with the training and testing team for wider functions and enhancement of the training programs, software and products by providing testing evaluations and providing accurate test reports.
    • Able to provide the stocks inventory as required, responsible for ensuring the maintenance and cleaning protocol of the products as adhered at all times.

  • Highschool DiplomaNicolas L Galvez Memorial National Highschool