Daina Yesuraj

Daina Yesuraj

Biotechnologist and Educator
Work experience
  • Advanced Level Biology TeacherThe Oxford School, Dubai

    Overall Functions:
    To teach and educate students according to guidelines provided by the National Curriculum Framework under the overall guidance of the competent education authority.
    To teach and educate students according to the educational needs, abilities and attainment potential of individual students.

    Main Responsibilities:
    Planning, preparing and delivering lessons to all students in the class;
    Adopting and working towards the implementation of the school development plan;
    Assigning work, correcting and marking work carried out by students:
    Assessing, recording and reporting on the development, progress, attainment, and behaviour of one’s students;
    Providing oral and written assessments, reports and references relating to individual students and groups;
    Communicating, consulting and cooperating with other members of the school staff, including those having posts of social responsibilities and parents/guardians to ensure the best interest of students;
    Reviewing and evaluating one’s own teaching and learning strategies, methodologies, and programmes in line with the National Curriculum Framework guidelines;

  • IGCSE Level Biology TeacherThe Bloomington Academy, Ajman

    To teach Biology to IGCSE Level students.
    To identify and promote core learning skills, and teaching strategies in Biology and help to encourage best practice through support, advice and CPD opportunities.
    To oversee the teaching of Biology throughout the school and the implementation of the curriculum.
    To seek opportunities for pupils to engage in activities with other schools, competitions and challenges in Biology supporting both pupil enhancement and raising of school profile.
    To complete Science Departmental developmental plans.
    To engage in regular inter-departmental discussions to encourage and enable cross-curricular links wherever possible.
    To identify, monitor and support Individual Educational needs at both ends of the ability spectrum, liaising with SENCO as possible.

  • Post Graduate Teacher - BiologyOEMS, Ranghola

    Teach biology science to students by explaining the complex subject matter and answering the queries.
    Provide coaching to acquire knowledge in specialized biology branches – molecular biology, marine biology, zoology, and botany.
    Prepare teaching aids with the help of charts and PPT presentations to help students understand the intricacies of the subject in a simple manner.
    Gather samples and conduct experiments to give live examples to students while teaching the curriculum.
    Supervise students’ laboratory work and guide them during experiments.
    Draft examination papers and determine the parameters for judging their performance.
    Provide feedback to students about their performance in-class tests and exams and help them improve.

  • Research Project AssistantCSIR Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute

    Overall responisbilities and functions:

    Set up, operate, calibrate and maintain laboratory scientific equipments and monitor experiments, make observations and calculate and record results.
    Assist the chief scientist of the project in the laboratory.
    Clean, maintain and prepare supplies and work areas.
    Set up, adjust, calibrate, clean, maintain, and troubleshoot laboratory and field equipments.
    Keep detailed log of all work-related activities.
    Use computers, computer-interfaced equipment , robotics or high-technology industrial applications to perform work duties.
    Analyze experimental data and interpret results to write results and summaries of findings.
    Conduct research and assist in the conduct of research, ncluding collection of information and samples such as water, soil, roots, leaves and stem.
    Measure or weigh compounds and solutions for testing.
    Monitor laboratory work to ensure compliance with set standards.
    Monitor and observe experiments, recording production and test data for evaluation by research personnel.
    Isolate, identify and prepare specimens for examination.
    Conduct standardized biological, microbiological or biochemical tests and laboratory analyses to evaluate the quantity or quality of physical or chemical substances in food or other products.

  • Research InternCSIR Indian Institute of Horticulture Research

    Cloning and expression of truncated defensin gene using recombinant DNA technology.
    Advanced hands on experience in PCR, Molecular biology hybridization techniques, DNA sequencing and Gel electrophoresis techniques.
    Worked in the creation of transgenic plants.

  • Master of Science in BiotechnologyBishop Heber College
  • Post Graduate Diploma in BioinformaticsBishop Heber College
  • Bachelor of Science in BiotechnologySardar Patel University
Honors & awards
  • President of Helix Association - Department of Biotechnology
  • Biotechnology research
  • Planning and Organization
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Communication