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Bilfinger Tebodin was founded and established in the period of post-war reconstruction (1945) in The Hague in the Netherlands by Mr. Frederik van Iterson. The economic milestones of the times were of importance for our development: reconstruction after the Second World War, decade of booming business, era of environmental awareness, internationalization, and the new millennium. We have always developed along with clients’ needs and we grew into more mature and dynamic partners with each economic cycle.

By anticipating technological and market development, we built up a reputation of excellence in the Netherlands, before taking the steps abroad, starting with Abu Dhabi in 1974.

The company name TEBODIN is an abbreviation for N.V. Nederlandsch Technisch Bureau voor Ontwikkeling der Industrie (in English: Dutch Technical Agency for the Development of Industries). The name describes the original objectives: to make an active contribution to the technical and economic development of the post-war Netherlands.

Today, we are thriving in a wide range of market sectors all over the world. We still cherish the entrepreneurial spirit which has characterized us from the very beginning with a constant effort to help clients with the best response to change.

We invest in a reliable and long lasting relationship with our clients and employees, we achieve their business goals by realizing projects in the Oil & Gas, Industrial, Infrastructural and Environmental sectors. A fast growing company in an ever changing developing part of the world, where we have helped develop, build and execute what the Middle East looks like today. We have been based in the Middle East since 1974 and since then have opened offices in various parts of the region.
As part of Bilfinger, our philosophy is to maintain a high quality, multidisciplinary team of engineers locally with access to specialists to enable to promptly and effectively undertake engineering projects. Currently with around 1,800 consultants and engineers working for us, Bilfinger Tebodin in the Middle East is looking forward to providing top class engineering services to clients in The Gulf countries.

Key figures / facts

  • Safety is our top priority, anywhere: in the office, on site, for our clients and employees, 24/7, for everybody
  • Number of consultants and engineers: 1,500
  • We are active in 5 countries: United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia
  • Regional experience in Syria, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Jordan, Egypt, Kurdistan
  • Our markets: Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Water, Industrial, Health & Nutrition, Property, Environment
  • International expertise with local know-how
  • Part of global office network

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