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Utility Technician

Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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The range of Utilities Technical Operator roles varies between categories and technologies, but generally sits within the steam Boiler, Ammonia chiller, Cooling Tower, AHU System, Air compressors, LPG system and WTP/ ETP Machinery Job Families.    

The Utility Technician is responsible for the operation, maintenance, improvement and Basic repair of equipment to support the delivery of operational KPIs (Productivity, Quality, Safety, Health and Environment, Cost, Delivery, Morale, Innovation and Sustainability (PQSCDMIS). 

The Utility Technician should master the operation of a series of Utilities equipment/machines/Water processes in at least two areas of the factory Utility and ETP in order to provide factory resilience.  Supported by the core skills to work within an autonomous team the Utility Technician will diligently follow the established standards of Service delivery and drive continuous improvement.  Safety, quality and eco-efficiency are the hallmarks of the Technical Operator, which complement an enhanced ability to analyze, problem solve and coach others. 

The Utility Technician will have a basic understanding of key cost drivers in the Sourcing Unit and will grow this in line with her/his wider project management skills.

 Skills & Responsibilities:

  • Technical –– Knowledge and application of technical skills to Operate, Maintain, Improve and Repair (OMIR) equipment.  This allows production targets to be met safely, at the right level of quality and on time.  Full Utility Technician status is dependent on a high level of Mechanical/Chemical competence as defined by the skills profile.
    • Understand the principles of mechanism and motion and be able to conduct, basic repairs and adjustments (eg pumps, Flow meters, HE, Union, steam Tarps and strainers). Utilizes appropriate CIP and Chemical handling regimes.
    • Understanding of principles and application of pneumatics in the sourcing unit; able to conduct fault finding and basic repair.
    • Monitor and evaluate the condition of equipment, machinery and components through the use of instrumentation and other diagnostic techniques. Liaises with Maintanace team to eliminate sources of deficiencies.
  • Safety – Utilise all appropriate safety and environmental procedures relating to the Sourcing Unit and allocated equipment to ensure a safe working environment for the whole team.  Understand the legal responsibility placed upon individuals.   Utility Technician is responsible for understanding and applying ofG304-01 Guidance on Machinery SafetyG304-05 Guidance on Lock Out and Tag OutS503-Functional SHE Standard – Critical Pressure EquipmentS510-Functional SHE Standard – Safe Storage of LPG
  •        Where The guidelines& Standards specifies in its contents:
  • S504 – Functional SHE Standard – Ammonia Refrigeration Systems
  • S501-06 -Functional SHE standard – Management of Change
  • G304-03 Guidance on Process Equipment Safety
  •                       S304-Functional SHE Standard – Machinery Safety
  • General Requirements for the Safe Operation of Machinery
  •  Risk Assessment for Machinery
  •  Machinery and Area Guarding
  •  Energy and Machinery Isolation – Safe State Isolation
    • Workplace Hazards – Full knowledge of the workplace and hazards within it.  Utilise all appropriate safety and environmental procedures for people, processes, materials, products and equipment relevant to the task. Ensure GHK of the concerned area to eliminate risk of creation of hazards
    • Environment – Reduce environmental impacts and costs associated with utilities, chemicals and product and operational wastes through maximizing eco-efficient operation.


  • Quality – Monitors Water quality against set standards and reports any deficiency or faults.  Detects process abnormalities quickly and takes emergency action to prevent them. 


  • Decision Making – Identifies repeated problems with production and repeated causes of breakdowns and suggests how to solve these.  Actively contributes to mechanical and continuous improvements.  Makes decisions to minimize production loss e.g mechanical improvements to reduce waste.  Makes decisions to support effective team working eg arranging cover and managing training.
  • Continuous Improvement – Use performance measures to identify and prioritise losses in production area.  Apply rigorous Cost Deployment and the Zero loss concept to eliminate losses.
  • Problem Solving – Identifies, prioritises and addresses problems using appropriate tools and techniques that eliminate recurrence.  Capable and confident of using Kaizen and other improvement tools.
  • Leadership – Promote the development of a highly effective and autonomous team through strong communication, leading by example and effective problem solving and conflict management.  Maintains focus on goals and targets. 
  • Coaching – Champion specific skills within the semi autonomous and autonomous team and coach them to others in order to drive excellence.
  • Business Awareness – Understanding of the need to meet changing demands and the role of marketing and product innovation in growing the business and increasing the company’s share.
  •  Administration – Collaborate with colleagues to arrange shift and break cover, induct new employees and address performance shortfalls to ensure that team resources can meet operational requirements.

Other Requirements:

  • Must be flexible within pattern of shift work to accommodate factory shutdowns, training courses, to meet increase in demands etc.
  •  Basic Computer KnowledgeBasic Computer Knowledge


Professional Qualifications:

  • FULL Technical Operator Level – Minimum ITI passed or Diploma in Engineering/Maintenance Engineering/2 Year Vocational training course
    • Reading and Comprehension
    • English Speaking and Writing
    • Mathematics.
    • Problem solving technics

Required to support report writing, data analysis, problem solving, mechanical calculations, leadership and coaching skills.


Experience Required:


Minimum 5-7 years Hands on Experience on similar role with operation of Fully Automatic and pressurized equipment preferably knowledge of Air Compressors, Dryers, Chillers, Pumps, AHUs, Cooling Tower, and Vacuum Conveying Systems 

  • Basic Engineering Skills – Background in Maintenance,
  • Hand on experience in fabrication (including welding) of basic mechanical components
  • Experience in Air Compressors, HVAC equipment and Vacuum systems inspection and maintenance
  • Experience in Installation and start-up of new utility equipment
  • WCM knowledge.
  • Should be able to trouble shoot and interpret P&ID and PFD
  • Experience of working as part of an extended team within the manufacturing sector.
  • Strong leadership and communication skills.
  • Experience of manufacturing process of Food & Beverage in Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company.
  • Experience as a team member within a project Management team with an awareness of project management tools and techniques.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates